How to Freeze Blueberries without Getting Mushy

Blueberry season is around the corner, and you might already be looking at your favorite blueberry recipes! Now is the time to start thinking about having blueberry flavors long after summer is long gone by freezing blueberries.

Why Should You Freeze Blueberries?

Frozen blueberries have many benefits. You can safely store berries without any compromise on freshness or flavor.

Perhaps you want to use blueberries in muffins or eat them as they are from the bag or perhaps you want to use them as a topping on other baked goods. Having a bag of frozen blueberries is as handy as having fresh berries.

A Simple Way to Freeze Blueberries

It is easy to freeze blueberries, and all you need is a baking sheet.

Step One:

Make sure you give a quick rinse to the fresh blueberries before freezing to get rid of any dirt or debris. After that, they are ready to be eaten before freezing or from the freezer bags or freezer containers – all you’d need is to toss them in a bowl and eat.

Step Two:

Spread the berries on a paper or kitchen towel and wait for them to completely dry. Removing the moisture helps stop freezer burn.

Step Three:

Put the fruit on a baking tray that’s lined with parchment paper or a rimmed baking sheet and let it freeze for about 2 hours. Once you have your frozen blueberries, you can then transfer them all to a freezer bag or any freezer containers.

Do They Turn Mushy?

One of the things that you can do to stop berries from becoming mushy when freezing is to freeze fresh blueberries instead of ones that you have had for a day or two. It is always a good idea to opt for freezing fresh blueberries in a freezer-safe container.

Make sure that you create a single layer of the berries on the paper towels and later on the baking tray.

You must make sure that there is absolutely no moisture in the freezer bags.

Frozen blueberries might not be exactly the same as fresh because after you thaw blueberries, they may appear a little soft (not mushy).


Before Freezing Blueberries Should You Rinse Them?

Should you wash blueberries before putting them in the freezer space or not. The short answer is that you should give them at least a light wash with cool water but after this, you must let them dry. If there is moisture, it will lead to the formation of ice crystals and they will cause freezer burns.

Should You Thaw Frozen Blueberries?

It is a good idea to let the frozen berries thaw before you use them for smoothies or muffins. To have properly thawed berries, you need to let the frozen blueberries sit in room temperature water for around ten minutes.

Does Freezing Blueberries Change their Taste?

Freezing them does not change the flavor of fresh fruit at all if you follow the required steps of the process.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the different steps to take to have your own berries frozen, it is time to make preparations and freeze blueberries. If you freeze blueberries during the season, you can preserve them and have them throughout the year.


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