How Long Do Bagels Last in the Freezer?

Any brunch or breakfast would be incomplete without eating bagels. However, after being left out for some time, they will go stale – but freezing bagels can make them last longer! There are methods to preserve a freshly baked bagel and bagel dough so that you can enjoy them for an extended period.

On that note, here are a few things you should know about how long bagels survive in the refrigerator so that you can keep them fresh and tasty for weeks.

Let’s dig into the article, and then some bagels!

How to Refrigerate Bagels?

The freezing process only requires a few simple steps to preserve them if they are sealed. Bagels that are kept in the fridge as is, rapidly dry up and get stale. If you do not want fresh bagels to turn into stale bagels, then it is advised that you either keep them at normal room temperature or freeze them. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind during freezing:

Slicing Bagels Fresh

It’s best to cut bagels after they have cooled, as you’ll have trouble getting a nice slice when the bagel is still frozen.

Pack Away

Bagels can be stored in a variety of ways. A sealed plastic bag or jar will suffice. If you’re using plastic bags to store them away, attempt to release the air as much as you can when you close it.

Freeze Them

Mark each jar or bag with the expiration date. The mark will indicate when it’s no longer safe to eat. 

If necessary, split your bagel packs by variety. Each plastic bag will represent a unique bagel. You may put each in a bigger paper bag, as this provides additional flavor preservation.

How Long Do They Last in the Freezer?

You should eat homemade bagels within one to two weeks for the optimum quality, aroma, and freshness. However, you can keep them frozen for longer. Some people claim you can store bagels in a fridge for four months in an airtight container, airtight bag, or resealable bag. Do not freeze bagels in plastic bags for long-term storage because they will go stale faster.

Your baked goods can be stored for five to six months if properly stored with a strong seal. This process will keep the food perfectly fine to eat and have it stay fresh. However, longer than that can lead to freezer burn, resulting in a stale bagel if it’s constantly frozen.

How to Defrost Bagels?

Defrosting bagels is not rocket science, but they do need to remain in a plastic wrap rather than taking the bagels immediately out of a seal. There can be some risks if you take them out of a freezer bag to thaw. Allowing them to defrost at normal temperature may cause them to get stale throughout the thawing process.

Rather, slice them before freezing. Then, place them in a toaster oven or regular oven. You can thaw them and toast them simultaneously so that they will stay freshly baked bagels.

However, once they’ve been defrosted, you can freeze them again. If you freeze your bagels again, they will lose their texture and crust, so only take out the bread you plan to consume.

Final Thoughts

You’re now able to freeze your best quality bagels properly. If you find this process a hassle, do not freeze them yourself. You can instead try store-bought bagels for food storage. You won’t lose out on any flavor and quality. The store-bought bagel storage method is as thorough to ensure they’re safe to consume.

Now you can enjoy your toasted bagel with bread pudding or cream cheese as a fun and tasty snack!


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