How Long Does Wine Take to Freeze?

What one person considers to be a significant infraction is another person’s preferred method. Some individuals inadvertently freeze wine. It’s pretty uncomfortable when those two sorts come together for a discourse.

I’m joking. Those two folks got along pretty well. We will explain why because freezing wine isn’t that difficult, and it’s also entirely okay to do it on purpose or by accident.

First, we’ll go through the fundamentals of frozen wine. Then we’ll discuss if it’s a good idea to store your wine bottle in the freezer.

At What Temperature Does Wine Freeze?

In wine, ethanol and alcohol go hand in hand. The higher the alcohol content of a wine, the lower its freezing point.

The chart attached above demarcates the freezing points by alcohol percentage. The primary data suggests the typical freezing temperature of the wine is roughly 22.5 °F.

It won’t be precise since by-products and other non-alcoholic chemicals in the wine may impact the bottle’s wine freezing point. The average alcohol concentration of most wines is 12.5 percent.

And they differ depending on the wine. However, the chart is as near to general wine freezing temperatures as one can obtain. So, the next time you want to chill wine, refer to the chart given above.

Can You Drink Frozen wine?

You can undoubtedly use the wine after it has frozen solid. While freezing wine is not optimal for its health, it is not a death sentence, as many people would have you think. Drinking frozen wine feels like sucking on frozen grapes but with no nuanced flavours.

How to Thaw Wine Bottle Properly

As long as you thoroughly defrost the wine by allowing it to sit at room temperature, it should be ready to drink in a few hours. Let the bottle of wine chill in an ice bucket (filled with ice cubes) till the stubborn ice on the bottle’s surface has melted away.

Check the frozen wine bottle for cracks as the liquid expands when frozen.

In general, freezing wine does not spoil it. However, it is possible. Check your wine’s colour, fragrance, and flavour after thawed to check if it is still alright.

If your red wine is no longer dark reddish but somewhat brownish, it has turned rancid. Discard the wine if it tastes overly sour or doesn’t match up to your liking. Similarly, if your white wine turns unusually pale or starts to smell funny, do not drink it.

Can You Chill Wine in the Freezer?

Wine can be refrigerated in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature, depending on the desired serving temperature.

When chilling wine in the freezer, cover the bottle with a moist towel before putting it in the freezer for even rapid results.


We hope you found this helpful post. Wine is delicious; you may freeze it, simmer it in a spaghetti sauce, or drink it as it is. Go, grab that frozen bottle and get to thawing.


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