Can you freeze leftover pizza?

Freezing pizza is the best option if you have some leftovers and plan on consuming them within the next few days(or before it goes bad).

Start by covering pizza dough in plastic wrap and separate them into meal-sized portions before storing your freezing.

You can store the cooked pizza for up to 4 days when done correctly. But if you have a considerable amount and want to freeze leftover pizza for longer, we know how to help.

Keep reading to find out how you can freeze your cooked pizza the right way.

Can You Store Frozen Pizza?

If done correctly, this delectable treat can be stored in the freezer for months and still taste delicious. However, there is more to it than simply throwing a pizza box into the freezer section.

Things You Will Need

  • Plastic wrap/cling film
  • Baking sheet
  • Freezer bag
  • Aluminum foil
  • An airtight container
  • Pizza Cutter

Step-By-Step Guide For Freezing Leftover Pizza

Follow these simple instructions to discover how to freeze both uncooked and leftover pizza.

Steps to Freeze Leftover pizza

Step 1: Start by cutting pizza slices and wrapping them in aluminum foil. Take the pizza slice out of the box and cut the pizza crust before making individual slices.

Step 2: Place in cling film before putting it in the freezer. Pull the plastic and wrap it in a double layer to keep your pizza fresh for longer.

Do this when you freeze pizza to maintain a crispy crust. Repeat with the remaining pieces.

Step 3: Cut a sheet of aluminum foil large enough to wrap the pizza slice. Wrap the foil over the piece and gently press it against it to eliminate air and any weird smell at bay.

I frequently use this to prevent losing my leftover pizza, usually concealed behind other things in the freezer.

Don’t just put the pizza in any plastic container. Doing this will degrade your pizza faster than you think. Use an airtight Tupperware to freeze the pizza.

Step 4: Before putting your pizza in the freezer, put them on a flat surface. Save space by stacking slices one on top of the other, but don’t pile anything else on the pieces.

Doing this will allow you to reheat frozen pizza quickly.


To get the best taste, take out the slices from freezer bags, put the pizza in the microwave at 200F, and heat for 25 minutes. Before you heat, let the wrapped pieces rest at room temperature for some time if you plan to reheat leftover pizza on the go.

If you plan to reheat pizza using a toaster oven, smear the baking rack with a few drops of oil to prevent the cheese from melting and sticking to the baking sheet.

You can also freeze cooked pizza in a freezer-safe container to prevent freezer burn.

How Long Does Pizza Stay in the Fridge?

Frozen homemade pizza will stay fine for six months in the freezer if properly packed. We prefer to take it out and let the wrapped slices rest in the fridge for a day or two before heating them for consumption.


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