How Long Does Pecan Last in the Freezer

Pecans are a delectable treat. Even if you’re not a fan of desserts, pecans have diverse purposes! They’re delicious on their own or mixed with other ingredients to produce a fantastic dessert.

Given all of these benefits, it makes perfect sense to load up on pecans anytime possible! But can you make frozen pecans?

The answer is yes, and you can store both shelled and unshelled pecans. This article will discuss how you can store pecans the right way and how long you can keep them in your freezer.

How to Freeze Pecans Properly

Storing pecans isn’t complicated at all. The last thing you want to do is ruin your favourite pie with rancid pecans, so let’s get right into it.

However, freezing is the best technique for storing pecans. Please place them in a plastic bag or container in the freezer.

We should mention that plastic bags are handier and space-saving because you can press out the extra air and store it however you wish.

When it comes to utilizing frozen pecans, you don’t have to do anything either. You do not need to defrost your pecans before using them. Just allow them to thaw, and you are good to go.

Unlike many other nuts, pecans are easy to freeze as they will not lose quality or flavour due to freezing.

Do Shelled Pecans Last Longer Than Unshelled Pecans?

Yes, the shelf life of pecans depends on whether you are keeping the shell (or not) and how you store them. Whether shelled or in-shell pecans, freezing pecans in an airtight container is an excellent idea if you want them to last long.

It properly packaged shelled pecans last in the freezer for approximately 18 months. It is ideal for storing shelled pecans in a place devoid of moisture and heat.


1. Why Do My Frozen Pecans Taste Bitter?

Bitterness in pecans comes from naturally occurring tannins in the kernel and particles of cambium material from the interior of the nut that can attach to the seed.

I was washing the pecan kernels before boiling removes some of the tannins and all of the corky debris.

2. Can you Store pecans, Shelled?

Store Shelled pecans in a cold, dry environment. When subjected to direct light or heat, the oils in the nut degrade and go bad faster.

It’s also a good idea to keep them away from dampness, which can cause mold to grow on them. You can store shelled pecans in this manner for 3-6 months.

3. How to Thaw Frozen pecans?

Place your frozen pecans on your counter to thaw until they reach room temperature. It won’t take long, usually 30 minutes or less, so resist the urge to put them in the oven.

4. How long Do pecans last When Frozen?

Depending heavily on storage conditions—due to their high-fat content, You must keep pecans correctly to avoid turning rancid. You can keep these in good shape for up to a year in the refrigerator.

Hardshell pecans have a lower shelf life than unshelled nuts. If you store the unshelled pecans in a freezer bag, they can last two years.


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