Can You Freeze Tortillas?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can. 

Flour tortillas are one of the easiest foods to freeze as they will taste as good as the day you bought them. While tortillas can be kept at room temperature for several days before they’ll start to develop mold, freezing them is a great way of making them last longer and reducing waste.

Can You Freeze Tortillas?

You might also be wondering if you can freeze corn tortillas too, and the answer is yes, you can. Like flour tortillas, corn tortillas taste just as good after defrosting as the day you brought them home. 

Both types are great to keep on hand in your freezer at all times, as they’re a staple food and can be used in a variety of dishes, from lunchtime wraps to tortilla bakes and Mexican tacos. 

How to freeze tortillas

There are multiple ways to freeze tortillas, depending on how many you plan on using in one sitting. Both flour and corn tortillas can be frozen in exactly the same way, and freezing them won’t alter their taste, so long as you ensure they're properly sealed. 

If you plan on using the entire pack of tortillas in one go - for example using them for a family dinner or with friends - then freezing them really couldn’t be easier. Simply pop the entire pack in the freezer and remove them for defrosting whenever you intend to use them. 

On the other hand, if you live alone or usually take a while to get through a whole pack of tortillas, it can be more convenient if you freeze them individually. You may have been put off freezing them in the past due to thinking you have to eat the pack in one sitting, but this isn’t true. 

If you’d like to freeze tortillas individually you don’t need to put each one in a separate bag (this would be a waste of freezer bags, right?) - simply separate the tortillas with a piece of parchment paper between each one. 

Then you can place the stack in a freezer bag, squeezing out as much air as possible before you store them in the freezer. 

This makes it way easier to simply reach into the freezer bag and use one tortilla at a time. Don’t have parchment paper? Wax paper or aluminum foil also works well. 

Be sure to ensure your tortillas are sealed tightly, as otherwise, they could be prone to freezer burn which will make them chewy. You can either wrap them in cling film before freezing or store them in a zip-lock freezer bag. 

How to defrost tortillas

There are a few different ways of defrosting tortillas before you cook or eat them. Simply place the pack in the refrigerator to thaw out - this shouldn’t take long, as they’re thin and should take no time at all to defrost. 

Once they’ve thawed out, you can heat your tortillas how you usually would - either on the stove or in the oven. You could heat them in the microwave, just be wary that heating them in the microwave can make them a little too soft and soggy. 

Factors to consider before freezing tortillas

How long do tortillas last?

Flour tortillas

  • Store-bought flour tortillas will last for 3 days at room temperature as long as the pack is sealed to prevent air getting in. Storing flour tortillas in the refrigerator is a good way of keeping them fresh for longer and preventing mold. 
  • Plain store-bought flour tortillas without filling can last 2-4 weeks if you keep them in the refrigerator, or 6 to 8 months in the freezer if they are well wrapped.

Corn tortillas

  • You can keep store-bought corn tortillas at room temperature for 3 days, but as with flour tortillas, it’s best to store corn tortillas in the refrigerator to prevent the growth of mold. 
  • Plain store-bought corn tortillas can last 2 to 4 weeks in the refrigerator, and 6-8 months frozen, as long as you wrap and seal them properly. 

Freezing homemade dough

  • You can freeze homemade uncooked flour tortilla dough. Simply shape the dough into golf-ball-sized balls and place them on a baking sheet, then cover and leave them in the freezer until fully frozen.
  • Once frozen, you can wrap each one in clingfilm and store them in a zip-lock freezer bag in the freezer, ready to be used at your convenience. 
  • This allows you to remove the amount you need at a given time and thaw the dough out in the refrigerator overnight before using it. 

Defrosting in the microwave

Defrosting flour or corn tortillas in the microwave can cause them to become chewy or soggy, so it’s best to simply thaw them in the refrigerator before heating. 

Cooking tortillas frozen

Store-bought flour or corn tortillas that have been frozen are always best thawed in the refrigerator before cooking.

However, if you’re short of time it is possible to cook them from frozen in a skillet or on the stovetop as a last resort. 


Flour and corn tortillas are a staple food for most families and can be easily frozen as a way to make them last longer but still enjoy the fresh taste they had the day you brought them home from the store. 

Freezing couldn’t be easier - either freeze in the original packaging if you plan on using all of the tortillas at once or separate each one with parchment paper. The main thing to bear in mind is that you should always ensure they are wrapped in cling-film or sealed securely in a zip-lock bag, as this will ensure they’re protected from freezer burn which can make them chewy. 

It’s always best to defrost your tortillas in the refrigerator and let them thaw out before heating or cooking. Then, once defrosted, you can heat them up however you would if they were fresh. 


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