Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas?

Any meal that involves tortillas is simple and easy.

They are delicious, can be filled with whatever you fancy, and are super easy to make and cook.

It’s easy to put out a stack of flour tortillas, dish out some fillings, and let the whole family just dig in.

But what can you do if you have too many? Maybe you decided to have a taco night a few weeks ago and have just found a half-finished packet in your cupboard? 

Flour tortillas can keep for around 4 weeks once opened, so they should be okay if you eat them over the course of a month.

But what about those flour tortillas that are going to go stale in a couple of days but aren’t likely to be used anytime soon?

Well, one option is to freeze them. Just like bread and other deliciously carby foods, flour tortillas can easily be frozen.

How to Freeze Flour Tortillas

The shape of flour tortillas makes them both easy and difficult to freeze. Their thinness means that they will freeze (and then defrost) quite quickly. But their softness means that they can freeze in an odd or awkward shape if not stored properly.

Due to their shape, they also need to be stacked and can stick together when frozen. To stop them from freezing to one another, place a piece of parchment paper between each one.

This will allow you to take out a few at a time. (It also means you won’t have to struggle to chisel a couple off the top which will only result in them crumbling and breaking).

You can either freeze flour tortillas in their original packaging or in a freezer bag. We recommend transferring them into a freezer bag as these can be completely sealed.

This is important because any air that gets into the bag can make the tortillas go stale. Because of this, make sure to press down gently on the freezer bag until all of the air is out and then seal it. 

When you place the flour tortillas in the freezer, it’s a good idea to place them flat on the bottom of the freezer drawer. You might think that you can just toss them on top of other food, but if they are folded or wonky they will freeze in that shape.

Even when they are defrosted, they run the risk of still being in this shape.

How to defrost Flour Tortillas

As mentioned above, defrosting flour tortillas is easy as they are so thin. You don’t have to wait hours for them to completely thaw and can cook them straight from frozen.

Most foods change a lot when they have been frozen as they take on a lot of water. But, as flour tortillas are already dry and thin, they shouldn’t take on enough to make a difference. So, when you cook them, they will completely thaw and crip up a little. 

You can, if you prefer, leave them to thaw out but this may cause them to become a little soggy. By cooking them straight away, you will cause the water to evaporate.

If you want to leave them to thaw, do so on the kitchen worktop at room temperature. Place a few pieces of paper towel on top of a plate and then place the frozen tortillas on top. The paper towels will absorb some of the moisture instead of the tortillas.

But, again, this really isn’t necessary. Flour tortillas cooked straight from frozen are delicious. Leaving them to thaw first will only cause them to become soft and soggy. This will then make them more difficult to cook or heat up properly. 

Factors to Consider Before Freezing Flour Tortillas

Most people end up freezing foods that they think will go bad before they can use them, especially if they have already been left out for a while. But freezing flour tortillas as soon as you buy them is also a good idea.

If flour tortillas are a regular staple of your cooking, then it’s worth buying a few packs at a time and freezing them straight away.

If you freeze them in the way suggested above (with parchment between each one), then you can just take out a few as and when you want them. This means you won’t have to defrost a whole packet or risk a big stack going bad because they won’t be used. 

Another factor to consider before freezing flour tortillas is when you are likely to use them. Fortunately, flour tortillas can keep in the freezer for 8 months.

This is a really long period of time for food to remain frozen and they will be just as good when you take them out as when you put them in.

It’s important to remember to make sure you don’t trap any air in with the tortillas. If you really want to make sure the bag is completely free from air, then there is a trick. 

Just leave a little opening and take a straw (preferably an eco-friendly reusable one) and place it through the opening. Then you can suck any air out, just like a vacuum compactor. But, of course, this isn’t necessary and is just a helpful trick.


Overall, the answer is yes, you can freeze flour tortillas. In fact, it’s probably one of the best ways of storing them, as well as a great way to preserve them.

Most foods change a lot when they have been frozen and become quite a bit worse. This is okay as it’s a better choice than letting them go bad and throwing them away (because throwing away food is a terrible option). 

But flour tortillas are not only okay to be frozen, it’s almost the preferable way to store them. They can keep for much longer in the freezer than in the cupboard. (They generally last about a month in dry storage and 8 months in the freezer).


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