Can you freeze potato salad?

Potato salad is a delicious and easy to make dish, usually used as a side plate with a bigger meal.

It’s very easy to accidentally make too much of it, so you might end up with some leftovers. If you’re wondering whether you can freeze potato salad to safely consume at a later date, the answer is yes.

Freezing potato salad is very easy, and you just have to take extra care when defrosting to ensure it is still a good quality food to enjoy.

If you’re planning on eating it later on, on the same day, then you can simply stick it in the fridge. If you’re planning on eating it the next day, you can also just about leave it in the fridge.

However, if you don’t know when you’re going to decide to eat it, leaving it in the fridge will just risk it going off, and then you’ll be left with no other choice than throwing it in the bin. Freezing your potato salad is a much better option.

How to freeze potato salad

Freezing potato salad is easier than you might think, and can be done in a few fast and easy steps.

Although freezing is essentially just sticking it in the freezer, there are different ways in which you can do it, by using different types of containers.

We’ll walk you through the steps for each different type:

Freezing Potato Salad in an Airtight Container:

Step 1:

Get an airtight, freezer-safe container, and scoop your leftover potato salad into it.

Make sure you leave an inch and a half of space at the top, as the potato salad will slightly expand when frozen.

Step 2:

Once all your potato salad is in the container, seal it shut. Make sure it’s tightly closed!

The less air that gets into the container, the better the result will be and the higher-quality the potato salad will stay at while frozen.

Step 3:

Write down the date on a label and stick it on the container.

This is not a necessary step, but it is extremely helpful to know how long something has been in the freezer and to know exactly what it is. Take it as an organizational tip!

Step 4:

Put the potato salad filled container in the freezer!

It’s always best to place it on a flat surface, instead of having it balance on top of other frozen products you might have in the freezer.

Freezing Potato Salad in Freezer-Safe Bags:

Step 1:

Scoop all of your leftover potato salad into a freezer-safe bag. These are very common and are sold in most supermarkets.

They’re great for freezing different foods and keeping everything organized in a way that saves space.

Step 2:

Seal the bag shut.

Make sure you squeeze out as much air as possible when sealing the bag closed.

Step 3:

Place the bag with the potato salad in the freezer, and just let it freeze!

How to defrost potato salad

Defrosting your potato salad is the trickiest part of the process, and it needs to be done well and carefully in order for it to taste good.

To help you get it right, we’ll break it down into easy to follow steps.

Step 1:

Remove the bag or container which is filled with your potato salad from the freezer.

As with most frozen foods, potato salad can be frozen for as long as you want with it still being safe to consume.

Step 2:

Check your refrigerator temperature.

An average of 40 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature at which to thaw your potato salad.

Step 3:

Place the container or sealed bag of potato salad in the refrigerator for it to thaw overnight. You do not need to open the container or bag, place it as it is straight into the refrigerator.

It’s very important that you don’t try and defrost the potato salad at room temperature or in the microwave. That would make it defrost faster, but the result will be much worse, as the potato salad will lose its consistency and will become soggy with barely any flavor.

Thawing your potato salad at room temperature or in the microwave is also a bad idea because it could prove a risk to health.

Doing so could lead to a rapid bacteria growth in the potato salad, due to its ingredients, and could therefore increase to a health-risk. It’s better to be safe and to always defrost your potato salad in the refrigerator overnight.

You can refresh the flavor by adding a layer of sauce over your potato salad, making it feel as if it’s freshly made!

Factors to consider before freezing potato salad

Before you get into the actual steps of how to freeze your potato salad, there’s something you should know. Potato salad is super easy to freeze!

The real complicated stage is the process that comes once you decide to eat the potato salad and you need to defrost it. When you thaw the potato salad, you might find that it’s lost some of its original consistency and that it doesn’t taste as good. That’s because you have to be especially careful when thawing potato salad in order to get it right.

Potato salad is one of those super simple dishes that also tastes delicious and amazing. It’s highly popular in big family or friend meals, as it is super easy to make and transport, and is always a great addition.

It essentially consists of boiled potatoes, mixed in with a variety of different ingredients that are completely up to personal preference.

It’s usually a side dish to accompany the main meal, but with how good it tastes and with how easy and cheap it is to make, it is very easy to find yourself having made way too much of it!

It would be a huge shame and waste to throw any leftover potato salad away, so you should always keep it to eat another day!


Potato salad is really easy to freeze and it is a great option for keeping the leftovers away to consume at a later date.

It can be frozen for as long as needed and is safe to consume once it’s been properly defrosted.

It can be frozen using different containers and when thawing, you must take extra care to ensure there is no bacterial growth.

To defrost potato salad you should leave it in the refrigerator overnight.


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