Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake?

Angel food cake is one of the most delicate and delicious cakes around, and the thought of wasting it hurts our very soul.

However, rather than having to throw leftovers in the trash, how about freezing them instead?

Yes, that’s right - you can freeze angel food cake.

In this informative article, we aim to tell you all about how exactly you can freeze your angel food cake safely, as well as letting you know the best defrosting method for thawing it out properly. 

The article will also let you know any factors you may need to consider before you freeze your luxurious angel food cake.

Keep on reading to find out exactly what to expect when you are freezing your heavenly leftovers.

How to freeze angel food cake

Now that you know that angel food cake can be safely frozen, you may well be wondering how you go about doing it. There are a number of methods that can be used when it comes to freezing angel food cake.

The first of these methods involves cutting up your cake into individual slices. As heartbreaking as it may be to cut up all of your cake, this is the best way to preserve them all properly, as opposed to trying to freeze one huge cake.

Cut them into generous slices, just like the slices you would cut for guests. You will be wrapping each one individually, so you may want to separate them out onto a plate in preparation.

You can either wrap them in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. We prefer the aluminum foil method because it is much easier to use than a plastic wrap that clings to everything except the thing we actually need it to cling to. It is also more environmentally friendly!

However, it is totally your choice and both will be fine for wrapping your slices. Make sure the pieces of foil or wrap are at least double the size of your angel food cake slices to ensure they can be adequately and tightly wrapped with no bits visible.

A double layer of a wrap could also be considered to protect your cake slices from the much feared freezer burn. 

When they have been properly wrapped, you should place the slices in a resealable freezer bag. All the slices can go in together as they will have already been wrapped individually.

Make sure all the air is squeezed out of the freezer bags and they are sealed tightly. Label the bag with what is inside, as well as including the all important date that you are freezing them on. 

If you wish, you can then also place them in a freezer-safe container with a lid. This will ensure that they don’t get squished by other foods in your freezer. Imagine going through all the effort of baking and freezing just to find a bunch of squishy cake crumbs! 

The angel food cake slices can be safely frozen for up to 6 months in your freezer, although we have a feeling they won’t last that long because you will likely be keen to eat them in just a few weeks. 

How to defrost angel food cake

Defrosting angel food cake is easy as can be. Simply take it out of the freezer in plenty of time before you intend to use it.

We recommend at least 3 hours before. Take it out of the container and resealable freezer bag, but leave them in their foil or plastic wrap. Place them on a plate, and let them defrost in the freezer.

We recommend eating them as soon as they are defrosting, else they may end up too dry and crumbly. However, this can be fixed by putting them in the microwave, unwrapped of course, for just 10 to 15 seconds.

You can also top the angel food cake slices with a sauce, frosting, or anything else you desire which may help it to get moisture.

After it has been defrosted once, you must not refreeze it again. Instead, store it for 1 or 2 days in your pantry, or 5 to 7 days in your refrigerator. That being said, we are sure you will have gobbled it all up before that because angel food cake is just delicious. 

Factors to consider before freezing angel food cake

As with all foods, you should make sure that the angel food cake is absolutely as fresh as can be before you go ahead and freeze it. Any signs of mold or bad smells will tell you it is off and as sad as it is, you will have to toss it in the trash.

Likewise, if the cake is already super dry, freezing it will just make it worse, drying it out even further and making it an unpleasant eating experience. 

Another factor to consider is whether the angel food cake is decorated with any sort of frosting or icing. You may still be able to freeze the cake with icing or frosting but will need to consider ingredients used for said frosting and icing.

For example, whipped cream and custard fillings and toppings need different freezing conditions than the cake itself. 

You should also factor in any other foods that you have in your freezer. Because of the delicate flavor of angel food cake, it may be more susceptible to taking on the scents of other foods, such as onions and curries you have frozen.

To stop this, just ensure everything in your freezer is adequately wrapped in foil and placed in a container. Also, make sure it cannot get squished by other foods.


In conclusion, angel food cake can be frozen to preserve its longevity and ensure you can eat angel food cake whenever you wish, after a little patience for defrosting.

Remember to follow our advice above very carefully, ensuring the cake is cut into individual servings, wrapped in foil, and then placed in a freezer safe bag for safekeeping.

Using a container will give you extra reassurance that your cake will be as fresh as possible upon defrosting. Defrost it over a few hours in your refrigerator, and remember to check for signs of mold first. 


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