Can You Freeze Roasted Potatoes?

Potatoes are great in all shapes and sizes and you can pretty much never go wrong!

From fries to hash browns, you have to love them all. However, roasted potatoes are on another level. How good are they?

They will always be our top choice of potato. The crispy and tasty outside is such a pleasure to bite into when you are all of a sudden greeted by the fluffy goodness of the soft potato.

When you make roasted potatoes, you usually have a lot left over. Especially if you make a large batch.

So what if you have extras?

What if you are out of town the next day and it would be a shame to waste those delicious roasted potatoes?

The question for today is can you freeze roasted potatoes? Let’s find out if this is possible and will they taste as good as they first did.

Can you freeze roasted potatoes?

The short answer to this is yes. Yes, you can freeze roasted potatoes. However, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that they keep their crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, goodness.

Firstly, you want to wait for your roasted potatoes to fully cool before freezing them. Once they have cooled down, you can then get prepare to freeze them.

We recommend that you use a shallow airtight container and place the potatoes into the container evenly. You don’t want to place potatoes on top of each other as that will freeze them together.

We like to portion the roasted potatoes before placing them into containers so we have the perfect side dish ready to defrost when we want them. Depending on how many people live in your home, you can account for their portions too!

Once your potatoes are portioned and sealed in containers, you are ready to freeze them. Freezing your roast potatoes is super handy and is such a time saver!

As roasted potatoes take approximately forty-five minutes to an hour to prepare and cook, you can really enjoy this dish without spending too much time by the oven each week.

Your roasted potatoes will be safe to freeze for up to a month. To keep track of when you placed your potatoes in the freezer, it could be a good idea to label each portion with the date you froze them. Then you can easily check to see if your potatoes are safe to eat.

Defrosting and reheating your roasted potatoes

When it comes to taking your roasted potatoes out of the freezer, there are two points to note. Firstly, if your potatoes are already seasoned, it is best to defrost them in the fridge for about one to two hours.

Ideally, you don’t want to fully thaw the potatoes. After two hours of being in the fridge, you can place them into the microwave on the high setting for two minutes at a time. After every two minutes, turn the roasted potatoes around so the heat can fully absorb into the potatoes.

If you have frozen your roasted potatoes without any seasoning, you can actually cook them from frozen. This may sound too good to be true but all you have to do is take them out of the freezer, drizzle them in olive oil, add your seasoning and cook in the oven for around fifteen minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is probably our favorite way of cooking frozen roast potatoes.

The best recipe for roasted potatoes

Let’s start by sharing with you all our favorite way to make roasted potatoes. Roast potatoes are so easy to prepare. All you have to do is peel your potatoes and cut them up into bite-sized chunks.

Next, you want to place your potatoes into a pan and cover with cold water. Crank your hob up to a high heat, bring the water to boil, and cook for roughly 8 minutes.

Whilst your potatoes are boiling in the pan, you want to prepare your tray for roasting. Depending on your own personal preference, you add your choice of fat to the roasting tray.

Whether that’s lard, goose fat, or oil, place a liberal amount into the tray and place into the oven for approximately 10 minutes. When you bring out the tray, it should be sizzling.

Once your tray is out of the oven, drain the water from the pan which the potatoes are sitting in, and add the potatoes to the tray. Our top tip is to spread them out evenly on the tray and add salt, pepper, and even a hint of garlic! Whatever you fancy, chuck it in!

Then you want to place the roasting tin back into the over for approximately thirty to thirty-five minutes. Whilst the potatoes are in the oven, make sure to turn them a couple of times to roast thoroughly.

When the time is up, take out the tray from the oven and serve up the best potatoes you have ever cooked in your life! Trust us, they’re so good!

Things to remember

Now we hope that we have answered the question that has been on your mind. Yes, you can indeed freeze your roasted potatoes. Remember our top tips are to portion your potatoes before freezing them.

If you live alone or you live with your family, keep that in mind when choosing how many potatoes to put in one container. Also, keep in mind how we recommend freezing without any seasoning.

This may feel so wrong when you first cook your roasted potatoes but do not worry. You can always add your yummy flavors when reheating in the oven afterward!

With our top tips, you will never be without our beloved roast potatoes again! Beat the hassle of prepping and roasting in the oven each week by simply making a larger batch ready to place into the freezer when cooled down.

Make sure you have plenty of airtight containers as if you’re a lover of the roasted potatoes as much as us, you will have a freezer full in no time. We will never judge you!


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