Can You Freeze Carrots?

Carrots are a versatile vegetable, not only in terms of how they can be eaten but also in how they can be stored.

As a tasty addition to mealtime with lots of nutritional value, there may be instances where you find yourself with way too many carrots on your hands and limited room in your fridge.

This may be leaving you questioning whether they can be frozen for future use. 

You will be pleased to know that yes carrots can be frozen.

Before you put the whole bag inside the freezer, certain methods can be followed to freeze them in the best way.

It is important to note that freezing carrots can change the texture. 

How to freeze carrots

When we have a new bag of carrots that we are intending to freeze it can be tempting to throw them straight in the freezer without doing any sort of preparation beforehand. However, as with many other vegetables, certain steps should be followed before doing so.

The first step is to peel your carrots and chop both of the ends. Once this is done you can then chop the carrots to the desired length.

Prepare a pot with water and then bring it to the heat to boil. After completing this step you may wish to prepare a bowl of iced water. The bowl of iced water is optional. 

Place your carrots inside the pot of hot water and leave them there for a short time, no longer than two minutes. The aim is to blanch the carrots, not boil them. 

If you prepared a bowl of iced water, once the carrots have been blanched they can be transferred to the bowl of ice water. Again once they are in this bowl leave them there for a short period. If you chose not to use a bowl of ice water you may progress onto the next step.

Upon removing the carrots from the water allow them to drain.

Pre Freezing your carrots helps to prevent them from sticking together when they are inside the freezer bags. Place the carrots onto a tray, with room between each. This tray can then be placed inside the freezer.

Allow the carrots to remain inside the freezer for a few hours until they appear frozen. Remove the tray and transfer the carrots to a freezer bag or container, label the date of freezing and then return them to the freezer.

You may not wish to pre-freeze your carrots. Again this step isn't essential so if this is the case simply transfer the carrots from the pot of water directly into a container of your choice and allow them to freeze this way.

Carrots will retain their flavor for up to 9 months, however, if they are stored inside a sufficiently sealed bag or container, they can last for as long as 14 months in the freezer.

How to defrost carrots

If you are looking for a quick solution, frozen carrots can be used as they are in their frozen state. For those who don't want to wait for them to thaw, they can be put directly into the meal that you are cooking.

Although this may consume additional time, following contact with heat the carrots will begin to soften and you are unlikely to notice a significant taste difference once they have done so.

If frozen carrots don't appeal to you, using the refrigerator is the best option. Remove the carrots from your freezer and place them straight into the fridge in the same containers they were frozen in, then allow them several hours to defrost.

You may wish to allow the frozen carrots to thaw overnight so that they are ready for cooking the following day. This is a great option for those who don't want to wait for the frozen carrots to defrost as they cook as it is already done beforehand. 

You should aim to use your carrots within 24 hours of defrosting. Following this time your carrots will then need to be thrown out if they are unused. 

Factors to consider before freezing carrots

There are many factors to consider before freezing your carrots.

As with most things, freezing carrots can lead to a change in texture. Although the carrots are likely to taste the same, just be aware that the texture is likely to differ from fresh carrots even when they have been cooked. 

Frozen carrots can go bad if they are not prepared correctly before freezing. The carrot cells become damaged when they are frozen causing them to become mushy and unappealing once they have thawed. 

Blanching your carrots is important, however, they need to be blanched for the right amount of time. Your carrots should only be inside the pot for a maximum time of 2 minutes.

If you leave your carrots for longer than this they are going to develop a rubbery texture that makes them difficult to freeze. Even five minutes of blanching is too long, so ensure that you are paying close attention to the time throughout the process. 

Pre Freezing your carrots is not essential but it is preferable. Pre Freezing your carrots beforehand allows them to freeze separately and this prevents them from getting stuck together when they are put into the bags or containers.

Ideally, your carrots should be chopped beforehand. This makes it easier to fit them inside the pan for blanching and easier to work with once they have defrosted.

Trying to chop a whole frozen carrot is going to be a little difficult particularly if you intend to add them to your recipe frozen rather than defrosting them. If they aren't chopped they are also likely to take longer to thaw. 

Final Thoughts

Carrots that have been frozen are better when used in cooked dishes rather than used as an accompaniment to a meal. This is because freezing the carrots alter their texture and while the taste remains the texture may make them off-putting for some. 

Also, carrots can last for a decent amount of time inside the freezer, however, they are the most flavorsome up to 9 months.

If stored correctly they can last for up to 14 months but the taste may differ slightly.


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